Over the years, we’ve not only seen digital marketing evolve dramatically but Our Attention Has Shifted Along The Way...
Learn our digital marketing secrets and strategies.
what will we be covering?
For a digital strategy to be effective, we need to strip the business back down to the basics of ‘marketing’, and then bring in the digital. 
We bring in the digital by looking at the business in isolation across every key piece that will influence the results. Don't get stuck in more and more tactical execution like most digital marketers do, which often leads them to forget the customer - what makes them tick and where best to get their attention. Let's create a plan that builds your short term lead generation and revenue alongside the long term brand equity of your business. A digital marketing plan isn't just about what you do, it's also what you don't do.
Download this comprehensive 200+ page book (with supporting templates and tools) which will enable you to navigate the complex and noisy digital marketing space and create a winning plan.
This is what we’ll cover in this comprehensive book:
  • Linking your business goals to digital marketing strategy
  • Working out your budget allocations
  • Knowing your potential customer intimately 
  • Focus points for marketing campaigns, Finding your golden entry points
  • What is agile marketing and how you can use it
  • Auditing your current channel performance
  • Digital channel breakdown
  • The power of content marketing and building your brand
  • Building your channel plan
  • Performance Evaluation Framework & more
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