Has your business hit a growth plateau?
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Our new digital strategy playbook reveals how you can generate upwards of $250,000 in sales while becoming an industry leader.
WARNING: The insights in this book could be the catalyst that helps you to break through that glass ceiling of growth, understand what to do and what NOT to do in the digital marketing space, giving you freedom to focus on your business growth with predictable lead generation to become “recession proof”.  

By the end of this playbook and training together, you will be able to:
  • Link your business goals to digital marketing strategy
  • Work out your budget allocations
  • Know your potential customer intimately
  • You will know your focus points for marketing campaigns, Finding your golden entry points
  • You will know what agile marketing is and how you can use it
  • You will be able to audit your current channel performance
  • You will learn what channels are available and how to best use them
  • The power of content marketing and building your brand
  • Building your channel plan
  • Evaluate your performance with our custom framework & more
“I created this book to help businesses navigate the noisy digital marketing space so they could take the right path to grow their business and build their brand the right way, but just needed the keys of how to get there” - Anthony Baxter, CEO Firefly Digital
Anthony Baxter is the founder and CEO of Firefly Digital. Winner of emerging business in the Westpac business awards, Deloitte fast 500 fastest growing technology company 2017, Deloitte fast 50 - 29th fastest growing company in 2018, having met thousands of business owners, worked with over 500 fast growth companies in New Zealand and Australia.

Being in business for 5 years, marketing for 8 and sales for 12, He brings the knowledge to the table on how to fast track growth strategically, helping over 500 companies over the past 5 years in over 100 industries, with several 8 figure businesses and international companies who have topped the FAST 50 charts too.

Download the first ever book of it's kind that Anthony has spent hundreds of hours writing to help you build a dream business. The content in this book has literally transformed the lives and businesses of hundreds, some have paid thousands of dollars for content it follows.
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Don’t just take our word for it, let the results do the talking.
Cate Cameron from Retail Links and 4Seasons went from multiple agencies and no digital direction to a full-service digital approach to inspire, capture and nurture leads, driving more walk ins and online sales that resulted in serious business growth.
Tommy Bellman from TOMFIT went from no scalable and consistent lead generation relying on word of mouth to a digital marketing system that puts his lead generation on autopilot, and helped him grow one of the top gyms in NZ.
Joel Reichardt from Alexandra Park went from nowhere to be seen on Google and no strategy in place with an absolute mess made from the previous agency to over 30-page one results, 4X website traffic, consistent high-quality leads with full foundational tracking so he knows exactly what the performance looks like whenever he wants.
Joel Reichardt
Sandra Turner went from hitting the pavement door knocking, cold calling and other old-school techniques to a fully automated lead generation system on social media attracting only quality clients in her looking for her services.
Sandra Turner
Our new digital strategy playbook reveals how you can generate upwards of $250,000 in sales while becoming an industry leader.